EduLinks – Random Links of Note

Lifehack – Advice for Students: Taking Notes that Work [Just after I post about effective lecture notes, I find this beauty of a blog article. It goes into much more detail than I did, but mentions similar points, like only writing down what you didn’t already know. A worthwhile read.]

Independent – Harry to go digital with the magic of Amazon’s eBook [Digital book readers, ahoy! Will they finally take off mainstream in the near future? I especially like the suggestion that “students will be able to slip several bookshelves’ worth of textbooks into a jacket pocket. ”  It’s happened with music, after all. Reminds me that in the early 1990s, less than a decade before MP3 players were available, the Saturday morning children’s show ‘Going Live’ had an April Fool where they had a tiny music player that could fit every single song from the Top40 loaded on it. Naturally, everybody (including myself) wanted this and were very disappointed when we were told it was an April Fool. Still, it wasn’t long before it became a reality…and a better one at that!]

Wired Magazine – What’s Inside Red Bull [If you’re not drinking it down the Union with a double vodka, maybe you’re drinking it while writing essays or revising. It’s about time you learned a little bit more about the drink that gives you wiiings.]

Observer – The Times of Our Lives [Different writers at different points in their lives discuss what it’s like at their particular age. From teenagers, to those in their 80s.]

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YouTube – Look at the horse [A presenter on a home shopping channel starts talking about a strange looking horse. If you’ve not seen it before, it’s a treat.]