Edulinks – Random Links of Note

Independent: Paxman challenged after series of errors on University Challenge [as if it’s actually Paxman’s fault…]

Spectator: A chat with Vint Cerf [inventor of the Internet…we’ve him to thank]

Economist: Three links from the latest edition of Technology Quarterly, which is always a good read.

The world on your desktop [using the ‘geoweb’.  Lots of focus on Google Earth]

Health 2.0 [we’re all doctors now]

The trouble with computers [improving interfaces in the future]

BBC News: MP3 users ‘risking hearing loss’

Independent: Food prices going up, British shoppers warned [just in time for the new academic year, even more money to shell out on essentials…I’ll shortly be writing a few money-saving hints that have worked for me and various others over the years]

Fortune: Luxury goes mass market [the age of McLuxury.  While this is hardly the time to be talking to (soon to be) skint students about posh goods, it seems that times are changing anyway.  Blimey, it’s difficult to know where anyone stands in the quality goods market nowadays.  I might just start wearing ‘designer’ binbags and carry a messenger pigeon as my mobile…]

New Statesman: Our world of rough-and-ready ethics [journalistic details in the media]