EduLinks – Random Links of Note

Telegraph: Privacy fears as Facebook reveals member list – Independent: Paxman challenged after series of errors on University Challenge.

New English Review: Hans Christian Andersen, popular guy.

Independent: Free speech does not mean the freedom to abuse.

Economist: How to work and play a little better (review of the book ‘Discover Your Inner Economist’)

New Statesman: Fire Warning – Burning your food may be trendy, but it’s pointless and unhealthy. [I add this link in memory of many meals burnt by housemates, and to the fire alarms that caused evacuations of student flats…oh yes, happy days]

The Business: Writing on the wall for papers not investing in online editions. [now we’re all web junkies]

The Business: The Shape of things to come – Facebook. [I’m looking to post a load of links regarding Facebook some time in the near future. It’s a big deal at the moment, so any heavy users may be wise to learn a bit more about it. Hopefully the links will do that. Watch this space.]