New Academic Year, New Blog…

Welcome to my imaginatively named UniversityBlog, a blog written for university students. Told you it was an imaginative name. Whatever you’re studying, I hope to bring to you a wealth of higher education news, tips, advice, interviews, and so on. Think of it as a random bag of goodies that you can dip into occassionally, or revisit regularly. Who knows what you might find next?

My aim is to start with nothing, and to build up posts on all sorts of things relevant to students now. Basically, if I can help improve just one person’s time at university with one of my posts, it’ll be a good job done. Of course, I’m hoping to help a slightly higher number of people than one, but there’s nothing wrong with a humble beginning.

Since a new academic year is fast approaching, I’ll start with some obligatory advice on making the most of the first weeks in the first year. My apologies if you’re a second or third year reading at this early stage of the blog and all this is old hat to you. I’ll try to add more relevant stuff as time goes on.

So, here we go! Hello.