Win a Kindle with your favourite reading places [Giveaway]

How’s this for a fab Summer giveaway?

TheUniversityBlog has teamed up with 360 feedback provider ETS to give away three Amazon Kindles!

The Kindle is an eReader, letting you read books, papers, and other content as if you’re reading it on paper. You probably know what the Kindle is already, but if you want to know more, Wikipedia is your friend.

I want to make this giveaway as simple as possible for you. For a chance to win one of 3 Kindle Touch devices, send a comment below and let us know the following:

  • Because the Kindle is portable, you can take it just about anywhere. What places do you most like to go to read?

Comment on or before 1st August 2012 to be in with a chance [UPDATE: THIS GIVEAWAY HAS NOW ENDED. Check the winners.]. I’ll then use a random choice generator to pick three winners out and announce those winners on 2nd August. Comments after 1st August cannot be added to the draw (mainly because it will have already finished!).

That’s it! Just tell us your favourite places you like to read. You’ll give other readers inspiration on where they can find a brilliant place to sit back and relax with a book. Well, maybe an ebook. πŸ˜‰

A couple of things to point out:

  • The draw is open to entries from UK & Ireland only (sorry about that.);
  • You need to use a valid contact email address in the email field, otherwise we won’t be able to contact you if you’re picked! [The email field is not published here on the site]

Good luck. I look forward to hearing about your favourite reading places.

photo by amsfrank

photo by amsfrank


  1. I like reading anywhere I can!! In bed, on the toilet (lol), on holiday, on the sofa…You name it! I love reading so so so much!! I can’t get enough of it. I’m so passionate about it =D x

    1. This past week I have been reading in horsepital (hospital for horses!) as my elderly mare has been in intensive care. I can’t say it was my favourite place to read but having something to distract me whilst spending time with her was appreciated. Thankfully she is coming home today so I will enjoy reading in her stable with her whilst she (hopefully) makes a full recovery!

    2. On the rocks on the Isles of Scilly with the sound of crashing waves in the background.

  2. I love to read sitting in a corner of my horses field, sometimes my curious old mare reads it over my shoulder too – so rude!

  3. Where do I like to read? Everywhere. This week I’ve been reading in my office, lounge, bedroom, bathroom (!), garden, car (parked!), airport, plane, train…. The Kindle is my portable library in all of these places.

  4. On a crowded tube train in the rush hour – to blot out everything else going on around me.

  5. I most like to read in the British Library, but that’s not likely to be kindle based, so probably on my lengthy journey down to Sussex!

  6. My favourite place to read is on an aeroplane when the cabin lights go off and most people fall asleep. You put the reading light on above you and relax…

  7. I like reading just about anywhere, but whilst waiting seems to be the most productive. Waiting for buses, trains and toilets to become available are all good opportunities to cram in a few words!

  8. Anywhere quiet but in the sun preferably. A corner in the park is ideal.

  9. Lucky to live 5 mins away from beach and park with a nice shady tree πŸ™‚

  10. I like to read on train journeys and also in bed. And on sunny days lying out on a picnic rug reading is the perfect way to spend an afternoon.

  11. I love ready in our local park while the kids are happily playing! There are some lovely benches in there and it is never too busy!

  12. I love reading during my lunch break on Highbury Fields, on the grass in the sun (when there is sun!) πŸ˜€

  13. I like to read in my local park. It’s bang in the city centre but you’d never know it because there’s no noise and very peaceful.

  14. Like others, I’ll read anywhere and everywhere. I guess the nicest places are outside in the sunshine. My favourite reading experience so far has been reading in a street cafe on my book group holiday to Nice.

  15. I like to read on the car journey to our holiday and relaxing in our touring caravan on a quiet and peaceful site.

  16. On a sunny day like today, I enjoy reading my book up one of Edinburgh’s favourite spots, Arthur’s Seat. I have my favourite place, which despite being about 200m in altitude, is always calm and very secluded. I can take a break and have a swig of my flasked coffee whilst looking over the ol’ toon which always puts a smile on my face.

  17. I like to read anywhere quiet! Can’t concentrate if the area is noisy! Although saying that, I do like to read on the train, makes the journey go quicker!

  18. I always have a book in my bag because there isn’t anywhere you can’t read, I would love a Kindle to make my bag a bit lighter to carry πŸ˜‰

  19. I read mostly in bed but I love reading in the garden or in the local park. Anywhere where it’s peaceful and I can concentrate on my book. I really love to read.

  20. I love to read snuggled up in my favourite old leather arm chair it looks like it has seen better days but is so comfy.

  21. I like to read 3 feet to the right of the begonia bush, just behind the lupins, in my back garden – as it’s the only place I have found that is out of sight from all the house windows. No disturbances, unless the dog finds me. Happy days

  22. I read anywhere! In bed, on the loo, on my sun bed in the garden (when the sun’s out), while waiting for a film to start in the cinema,in the queue for the bus really just anywhere, I love reading!

  23. One of my tutors claims to read whilst cycling. I don’t know about that. Sitting on my sofa with the sun coming through the window is pretty good. And in the bath. Can you read a Kindle in the bath?

  24. My fave place to get away from it all and read is in the quiet carriage when i travel to Manchester to visit my family . A good 5 hours of escaping

  25. Having an active 2.5 yr old, anywhere I can get some peace (toilet normally safest for 10 minutes!)

  26. I like to read in the garden, sleeping bags and blankets spread out on the ground, blankets and pillows, and a bottle of Belgian beer.

  27. Like to read on long haul flights or waiting around the departure lounges when the delays strike. The kindle saves so much space and weight.

  28. Anywhere…but mostly the passenger seat in the car, in the shade outdoors somewhere, on the sofa babysitting in the evening, on public transport, and especially in bed!

  29. I love to read by the sea. The sound of the waves rolling in is the perfect background πŸ™‚

  30. I like to read on the train when I’m commuting, on flights, and at the beach!

  31. I like to read it in bed, on holiday, on the bus, in the car or at lunch times

  32. In the summer i like to read in the garden or at night when the children have gone to bed

  33. I have reading material on me at all times, handy in a Doctor’s waiting room, waiting for a bus or train, last thing at night to help me unwind, even sitting on the loo ( who doesn’t – lol!). I read anywhere except for when driving of course πŸ™‚

  34. The places I most like to read are in hot countries, on a beach, near a bar

  35. I like (have) to read when the kids have gone to bed: time and space to absorb rather than read in rushed bouts. That, of course, limits the places I can read. Perhaps my favourite recently was the balcony of our hotel room on holiday with the kids safely asleep inside and a nice glass of wine in my hand.

  36. With headphones on, some light jazz… scabadee beeboop chachaa.. dripping softly into my ears and a good book in my hands, my attention will be drawn into whatever world I am reading. This means anywhere can prospectively be your own little place of literally heaven.

  37. The best way to read is in the lovely sunshine (suncreamed up of course) with my legs dangling in the pool to keep me cool whist reading Mr Grey.

  38. I read everywhere. On a train to my way to work, in a bed just before I go to sleep but my favorite places to read are outside: parks, my garden, beaches etc.

  39. I’m a multi-tasker so it literally can be anywhere when I have a quiet five minutes – dog walks, office breaks, travelling, hey even under the kitchen table if the opportunity arose!

  40. In the corner of a good pub in winter, or outside in the summer. In my garden (and with a Kindle the pages don’t flap about so much). Lying on the grass by the river after a swim. Standing at the kitchen door in the morning with a cup of coffee.

  41. I like Kindle Touch specially in bed were i can relax and read fiction, and biography books.

  42. my wife devours books, she will read a book anywhere, anytime and tune out completely, so she reads in her own private book world – occasionally she comes back for food and water…

  43. I love to read on holiday, i can get lost in a good book in the sunshine πŸ™‚

  44. When it’s raining outside and it’s cold. I have my warm cup of tea and biscuits, wrapped up in my blanket with a quiet music on in my backround

  45. i like to read wherever and wherever. the kindle would travel everywhere with me.

  46. Fantastic product, cheaper books through Amazon, would be great to have one of these for Hols instead of running out of books and having to carry them.

  47. I read pretty much anywhere I can, whether it be at home (instead of watching tv), in the bath, on the toilet, in my lunch break and when I am on holiday. At the end of the day, data is data, to turn it into anything useful you need to turn it into knowledge; and this is one excemplary way of doing this.

  48. definitely cuddled up in bed. The kindle would solve the problem of trying to hold a large book xx

  49. I personally like to read in a library or reclining in my conservatory but if i’m lucky enough the ideal place would be on a sandy beach as the waves are so soothing.

  50. I love reading any where i can – these days i tend to read alot waiting for my friend who has had a lot of hostpital appointments, i take him and wait for him so it gets pretty boring with out a good book to read waiting all those hours ;-(

  51. I like to read literally anywhere, on my break at work everyone laughs at me trying to read in the corner while they chat! I also like to read while everyone else in the house watches telly or plays video games lol!!

  52. Realistically anywhere when the opportunity presents itself.
    Ideally, In the dunes, shaded beneath one of the many wind bent hawthorn trees, with a hot sun on warm sand and the waves rhythmically trickling in.

  53. I have reading material on me at all times, handy in a Doctor’s waiting room, waiting for a bus or train, last thing at night to help me unwind, even sitting on the loo

  54. I like to read at the moment in the garden while enjoying the sunshine and the sun warming my skin. In the winter i enjoy reading on the sofa with a blanket snuggled up round me. I do prefer to be alone while i read so that i can become fully engrossed in the plot and characters.

  55. On the train… it makes my 50min commute each way go so much faster! Also so handy to take away on holidays as I have so many choices of books to read in transit and when I get to my (hopefully) sunny destination

  56. Nothing better than laying on a sunbed reading while on holiday, listening to the sound of the sea and my little boy building sandcastles a few feet away, bliss! Or failing that, Parliament Hill on a nice sunny day can’t be beaten.

  57. Assuming that we will have a summer then at the beach or in a park enjoying the sun and having a read

  58. i love to read in the garden with a glass of cider when my children have gone to bed aaahhh bliss x

  59. Under a tree on a sunny day or on a station platform when I’ve just seen my once an hour train pull away from the station without me

  60. On the bus into town as it takes an hour and a quarter and reading helps the time pass quicker.

  61. I like reading just about anywhere, but whilst waiting seems to be the most productive, Waiting for trains, buses or just in a queue for a berger
    all give a opportunities to cram in a few words!

  62. I love to read at night when we go camping. This it so great and easy for doing just that!

  63. In those annoying moments when held up travelling or commuting, purely a public transport and holiday user

  64. Anywhere quite, and that’s the beauty of the Kindle you can take all your books wherever you go! Brilliant

  65. I like to read on the beach, in the forest, on the loo, in bed, on the sofa, in the garden, at work (if I can get away with it) and in the bath. In fact, I will read pretty much anywhere, anytime, any place πŸ™‚

  66. Generally I read in bed, on the train or, and never admitted this in public before, on the loo!

  67. Well I am going abroad this year for the first time so would take it to the places I am going – Vienna, Paris and Lanzarote! Nothing beats reading next to a pool (better a light kindle than a bulky book)

  68. I love reading books in my local library because it’s quiet and resonably priced, to do so.

  69. You can read almost anywhere. Bed, bath, garden, or office (during scheduled tea breaks of course).

  70. Anywhere I can. Sadly not on the bus, but definitely on the train.
    Favourite place: a rocking chair by my window with a cup of tea.

  71. On the bench under the beautiful tree at the bottom of my garden or whilst waiting at the doctor’s / dentist’s to while away the time and keep my mind on something else!

  72. I like reading anywhere that’s quiet. It’s nice sitting in the garden on a sunny day. Petty we don’t get much sun here in Scotland!

  73. I like reading in bed but in the summer, when the weather is warm and sunny, I like nothing more than going outside to read in the shadow of some leafy tree.

  74. I like to read at the top of the old Acropolis in Greece, as it’s so relaxing and seems out of this world, especially when I’m reading something mythological. When I’m not on holiday however, I love to read in the woods where the quiet natural setting gives the perfect backdrop for any book, though it can sometimes get a bit spooky.

  75. I like to read whenever I’m between places. On the bus or train for instance.

  76. Ihave a weird place I like to read during lunchtime. My office is very busy with lots going on all the time, so finding somewhere quiet is diffcult. I have found that there is just enough space down the side of the vending machine in the kitchen for me to plant myself on a cushion and read my book without anyone hassling me! πŸ˜€

  77. My favourite place to read would be lying in a hammock in the garden on a sunny day! Or on a cold winter’s day, curled up on the sofa in front of a fire πŸ™‚

  78. I will read anywhere, in bed, the bath, my garden, on the beach, by the waterfront or just sat on my sofa – nothing beats a good book πŸ™‚

  79. There is nothing better than getting into a hot bath with lots of bubbles and settling down with a good book – bliss!

  80. I love reading when Im in a hot bubble bath or if its a lush sunny day I sit in the garden sunbathing and reading

  81. on the bus.. though once my book was that good I missed my stop and was very late for work !

  82. I read in the bath, on the bus or train, definetely on planes to pass the time and on the beach. Just about anywhere really.

  83. I love to read on holiday, lazy Sundays and whenever I’m waiting; time flies when lost in a book.

  84. In the bathroom… its the only place I can get any peace and quiet in my house!

  85. I like reading in my garden when the sun is shining. I get my Vitamin D as well as having a good read!

  86. I love to read on the hammock out the back door (whenever the rain takes a break) and curled up in my old comfy amrchair πŸ™‚

  87. I read anywhere and everywhere – but draw the line at reading in the bath because it makes the pages go limp and soggy.

  88. I love reading in the bath and my bedroom, however if I won a kindle I will have to skip reading in the bath so not to damage it.

  89. I love reading sat in the sun, laid in bed, in the bath, on the beach and on long car journeys, passes the time

  90. I love to read lazing by a pool somewhere hot and sunny, if only that was a possibility!!!!

  91. I like to read on the tube on the way to work, or in bed just before going to sleep. In the summer I like to sit outside in my garden to read.

  92. I love reading in the bath. A bit tricky sometimes, but so far no accidents πŸ˜‰

  93. On top of a mountain, most recently France, while taking a break from snowboarding

  94. when the weather is nice I love to read outside in my garden under a shady tree.

  95. I like to read when I wake up early in the morning, or when it’s sunny I like to find a quiet spot on the beach, where all I can hear are the waves.

  96. I like to read at a nice peaceful campsite on holiday, less distractions than at home and easier to just switch off and totally enjoy the read without feeling that you should be doing other more practical/useful things!

  97. I like reading on the beach while sunbathing, especially in the warm weather. I also like reading on my bean-bag chair, so relaxing and away form the world too πŸ™‚ It means i can really enjoy and imagine everything that has been written πŸ™‚ x

  98. I love to read in bed with a bar of chocolate and if I won a Kindle I would not get chocolaty pages.

  99. Lying in the garden, half in the sun, half in the shade. I like to hear the rustle of the breeze in the bushes, and to lazily stroke my equally lazy cat, as he chills out beside me.

  100. outside: coffee shop, park
    transport: airplane, subway, bus
    home: bed, sofa, restroom

  101. I’ll be honest – I enjoy reading most on the throne! When you have 4 kids it is the most peaceful place in the house!

  102. In my car where I can be alone in a quiet place and lie back in my seat for max comfort.

  103. I love to read in nearby gardens, it’s usually fairly empty, it has beautiful views and when it’s sunny; it’s just perfect. πŸ™‚

  104. On the bus, on the train, in a car or a plane, sometimes on a bike but only if it’s with Mike. When I’m walking or talking but not both at once. But best of all is when I am in bed all alone but for my loving Kindle πŸ™‚

  105. I read all over the place but I really enjoy reading in the park or at the beach on a sunny day!

  106. On the beach or in the garden I love the peace to read and almost consume what I am reading

  107. if its a nice day in the park early in the morning, not so nice a day in the bath wit a glass of wine

  108. I like to read on a comfy seattee, lounging in the garden, at the beach or lying on the grass in the park. Anywhere will do really though!

  109. I love to read on a quiet beach with the sound of the waves in the background.

  110. I am going to WDW Florida soon, I would use it by the hotel pool, and when we have a relaxing day at the Typhoon Lagoon water park, the best place on earth πŸ™‚

  111. I tend to read in the car a lot whilst waiting to pick up my kids from nursery. Any spare moment really! I’d love a Kindle. So much more modern and light compared to carrying a heavy book around. Plus you can only carry one book at a time and I like the idea of having lots of books to choose from on a Kindle x

  112. In my most comfy, squashy armchair on a cold day, or outside at the back of my garden if the sun decides to come out. πŸ™‚

  113. I love sitting out in the garden in the sun on the hammock (when we get the good weather) with my books and if not then there’s nothing better than curling up in bed with a good book. Although sometimes when I’m cold there’s a step up in my upstairs landing beside the radiator that I love to sit at during the winter (even if I do look a little like a garden gnome).

  114. There’s nowhere better to read than at work In my lunch break.
    Even on an awful day there’s something to look forward to πŸ™‚

  115. I love reading mainly in bed, but in good weather curled up on my garden swing is a good alternative!

  116. I read in the car while waiting at the station for my partner, and while relaxing in the bath.

  117. i love to read when im on a sleep-in at work,i clock off at 10pm but can never sleep,so i read for a while.

  118. Absolutely anywhere I can get away with it! A nice soft, comfortable armchair, snuggled up in bed, in the garden (when it’s not raining!).

  119. In this lovely weather, I’d love to take it out in the garden and read in the sun

  120. believe it or not its the only place I can go without partner/kids disturbing me is the toilet! (and im not parting with fluids etc just I make out I am!)

  121. In the bath or in the garden but as I have a baby at any opportunity I can really!

  122. Love reading in the garden on a lovely sunny day but sadly this year has been mainly on the sofa!

  123. I used to live in Madrid and my favourite place to read was on the railing of my balcony in the sun

  124. Would be reading on Cloud 9- cause thats where I’d be if I win one of these…Puhleese let me win one!

  125. My allotment, I have a bench and couple of old chairs, nice to sit among the veg, flowers and watch the birds at the feeders whilst relaxing and reading in the sun

  126. Anywhere I can – in bed, in the bath, on the toilet lol. On long journey’s on the train

  127. I love to read everywhere and anywhere as long as I remembered to take a book, but I think my favourite place to read is in my armchair next to my big window tucked up in a blanket if its cold and with the window wide open listening to the birds if its hot.

  128. Out in the lush countryside, lovely little forgotten bench, birds tweeting, nobody else around but a great story to keep me enthralled.

  129. The places I most like to go to read are during my lunch hour, on the bus, and on the toilet πŸ˜‰

  130. I love to read on holiday as the kids are entertaining themselves so some much deserved me time. I read on a sunbed, on the sofa and anything inbetween πŸ™‚

  131. I like to read on holiday so I really want a Kindle so I can take loads of books with me without facing budget airline check-in fees. I hear the Kindle is also great in the sun because there’s no glare.

  132. I love to read anywhere, but more than anything under the apple tree in my garden

  133. Anywhere and everywhere. Yesterday was at Frensham pond, on the beach while the kids played!

  134. I love to read in a quiet spot in the garden when kids playing in the background, its lovely!! :o)

  135. I always have a book in my bag and read at any opportunity. But my favourite time to read is when I take my book, coffee and daughter to the park. My daughter runs around playing and giggling and I can relax with my current favourite book and the best background noise.

  136. I have a comfortable old chair at the end of the garden. When it is sunny, there’s nothing better than to curl up and relax by reading. However, I’d read anywhere.

  137. In this weather, it would definitely be the garden, but generally in the car, fr the “hours” I spend waiting for children to come out of school/guides/friends/cinema/etc

  138. i like reading on the sofa when the kids are in bed, nice and peaceful

  139. At Siblyback Lake in Cornwall, in the sunshine, on a bench overlooking the lake, eating an ice cream!!!

  140. In front of the fire at home when its either pouring down outside or during winter.

  141. I don’t have a kindle (hence entering competition!) but when I have my big chunky book I tend to sit on the toilet! This is because I have a 3 and a half year old little girl and the only peace and quiet I get is the few minutes on the toilet…lol x

  142. I love to read during the school run, I go a bit earlier than I need to so I can catch up on my favourite book in the car!

  143. In the middle of the forest on a warm, sunny day. Nice, relaxing and peaceful!

  144. On a lovely sunny day like this it would have to be on a bench in the park.

  145. I love to read to my granchildren especially Peter Pan as J. M. Barrie comes from our hometown of Kirriemuir

  146. My favourite place to read is when it’s pouring rain and I’m in my sleeping bag in my tent, with a packet of digestives and a flask of coffee, wearing a woolly hat and a headtorch. Perfect!

  147. On the sofa, next to my (37 year old) husband, who is playing computer games! If it’s a good enough book, then I can usually block out his shouting at the TV!

  148. I like to read in bed, I like to have my back and shoulders supported so I can sit back slightly and let the bed take my weight.

  149. I love to kick off my shoes in the park, grass beneath my toes and an ice lolly in one hand and a good read in the other πŸ™‚

  150. I love to read anywhere, preferably in bed before I go to sleep, outside in the garden in the shade and on the journey to and from work to make the time pass more easily

  151. I like to read in the beach and I mostly read seo and social media books when I’m away. Addicted to the office methinks.

  152. The beach has gotta be my favourite place to read. I don’t get to go there often enough mind lol πŸ™‚

  153. Last summer i set up my tent in the garden,filled it with a few plump cushions and popped in there whenever i wanted to chill and read in peace, armed with tea and biscuits. Had a few bug visitors but got a lot of reading done, no distractions!

  154. If it’s not raining I like to go to the park. Seem to do most of my reading on the train though!

  155. In the picturesque town of Grindelwald, Switzerland where I was on holiday recently. The breeze and the sun beating down were excellent company for a great book

  156. This hot weather on the sun lounger in the evening to cool down, heaven

  157. The Tolite is one of the best places for a quick read .. but I also Love to read while sunbathing by the local lido xx

  158. In summer there is nothing better than climbing a tree and reading a book sat on a branch, but I’m also a fan of half way up the stairs.

  159. In bed – I know it may not be far but books are very heavy, especially when you fall asleep and they hit you on the nose!

  160. Anywhere – in bed, on the sofa, in the car, but on good days I like to sit under a tree in the garden.

  161. Whenever I get time and wherever I happen to be when I have that time. πŸ˜€ Best place is on a bench down by the river. Sound of the water rushing by is very calming and adds to my enjoyment of a good story.

  162. Read any time, anywhere but I like to read on the train as it makes the time go faster.

  163. I read anywhere and everywhere, whilst in the bath, bed, in the way, on my way to college……

  164. I have a pretty little coffee shop that’s my favourite place to read. It doubles as a bookstore. You can take a comfy chair and just relax. I call that heaven.

  165. I love reading in the bubble bath on a Friday night with a glass of wine and just chill! πŸ™‚

  166. Anywhere I can snatch a few minutes of me time, but my favourite place is in bed after I’m all snuggled up & whilst I’m winding down from a long day.

  167. on a lovely sunny day i like to sit under the shade of a tree to read & on a rainy day in the conservatory , i love the sound of the rain on the windows

  168. Push further along the path, even though it hardly seems a path at all. Through the gap and the landscape opens out in front of you and not a soul to be seen; only the birdsong to distract you while you bury yourself in your book.

  169. At a remote coastal area,with just the sound of the sea and nature as the background.So peaceful,calming and beautiful it can only add to the enjoyment of a good,no,great read !

  170. Anywhere, that’s the joy of the kindle you can read it anywhere. Get a waterproof case, you can read it on lilo floating in the pool.

  171. my favourite place to sit and read is up by the disused resevoir up the mountain – total peace and quiet and nice scenery.But other than that i read everywhere and anywhere, in bed, in my back garden on a sunlounger, on the bus… i am a total bookworm!

  172. I’d read my Kindle somewhere private – in case people thought I was playing a computer game

  173. love to read on the beach on a sunny day .. shame there arent too many of them but anywhere is good as long as can get engaged by good story

  174. I would read my kindle in the car when I am waiting for the kids to come out of school.

  175. there is this tree in our local park that looks really out of place so no one plays or sits near it, I like to read there!

  176. By the side of the river at Warwick Castle, it is wonderful to rest in such wonderful settings and spend time with a favourite novel

  177. I like to go for a wander in the countryside and will quite often just find a random field.

  178. I love reading in the garden on a sunny day when the kids are in school

  179. Anywhere as long as I have headphones on with some non vocal trance or classical music on then I can get lost in any book πŸ™‚

  180. My favourite reading place is in bed as it’s the only place where I don’t get distracted by the children, housework or TV. It’s bliss to be able to lie, uninterrupted and lose myself in another world before going to sleep.

  181. I love to read, so to own a kindle would really be great, no more hunting for the right page when your bookmark falls out. It will be easier to carry a round also. So please pick me.

  182. I either like to read in the garden on a nice day, laid in the hammock or sat in the conservatory looking down the garden.

  183. I like to read on long boring journeys and when stuck in traffic jams, as it’s a great way to pass the time.

  184. On buses, at bus stops, in the bath, in coffee shops and in the garden. Anywhere really.

  185. my favourite reading place is in bed, or at the beach on a nice hot sunny day. fresh air sunshine and a good book, perfect

  186. I love to go down to the river, and sit beneath the large willow trees! Listening to the leaves brushing against each other and hearing the ducks quacking away whilst I escape in my book! Heavenly!

  187. in the summer, on the hammock, in the winter, in bed – no ifs or buts – reading time is crucial

  188. I love to read most on the plain old sofa, but the train is a close second x

  189. I love to sit on my swinging hammock (swing bench) in my beautiful garden and real. If it’s sunny it’s gorgeous and if it’s it’s chilly I love a fluffy blanket too.

  190. My favourite place to read is a cemetery, I know is weird, but I found them really peaceful and where I live (Edinburgh, Scotland) they are just beautiful

  191. My favourite place to read is whilst travelling. The bad thing about that is books can be so heavy to carry. At least with a Kindle I could carry 10,000s of books and my shoulder (and bag) wouldn’t hate me!

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  192. I love to read in my back garden with the lovely view behind and the peace and quiet as I engross myself.

  193. Anywhere that is peaceful! Although, a kindle is a must have if going on holiday anywhere (definately better that ibooks!). But to be honest, its so easy to just carry a kindle in your bag, no matter where you are going, and great when travelling (except when driving!). Everyone really needs a kindle! Including me! πŸ™‚

  194. I wake up a lot earlier than my boyfriend, so I spend my time reading in bed until he wakes up – that way I’m not bored and he gets his lie in (o:

  195. Anywhere I can (whenever I have even 5 minutes of do nothing), it would be great to take out the kindle and it immediately goes to the page you were last on. So much easier to carry around than a book.

  196. I love reaading everywhere, but just now my favourite place is by the pool in Portugal!

  197. My favourite place to read is on the beach! But I do most of my reading on the hour bus journey to and from work.

  198. I love reading anywhere & anytime but my favourite place to read is lying on my sofa on a Friday night with a well earned glass of wine – Bliss!

  199. As I live in the countryside, I like to take a walk on a nice day and sit in one of the fields near me with some lunch and lose myself to my book for a few hours.

  200. I love to read, so anywhere I get the chance. Curled up on my couch, in bed, outside in the sun, on a plane, train, boat or bus. With something to read I’m happy where ever I am.

  201. I live near a beautiful forest with a japanese garden in the middle which has benches to sit.It’s wonderful to sit in there and read on a nice day πŸ™‚

  202. With a manic household the best place to read is in the bathroom,whether it be in the bath or on the loo!!!! Lock the door and I get peace and quiet and undisrupted quality reading time

  203. Love reading anywhere I get a chance – in bed, on the train, on a flight or just simply on the beach or on a sunny balcony πŸ™‚

  204. I read in the car and on a train,
    every book is never the same,
    whilst on the toilet, i will read,
    i don’t know which would be a greater need!

    Winning a kindle would be brill,
    it would give me a lovely thrill!!!

  205. My favourite place is wherever I happen to be on holiday, on a lounger in a shady place with the scent of mimosa or an orange grove filling the air……and most of all, no reason to tear me away from my current ‘can’t put down!’

  206. The best thing about the Kindle is that it is so easy to read out in the sunshine – my favorite place to go is up into the South Downs near Brighton on a summers day with no interruptions or noise, and just immerse myself in a fantastic book.

  207. My favourite place is in the garden on a sun lounger in the sunshine, when we get it!

  208. My favourite place to read is on the train with my iPod in! It’s also lovely reading outside in the garden.

  209. I think my idea my ideal place would have to be
    Curled up on on a deckchair, in the sun, by the sea!

  210. Anywhere and everywhere, I travel a lot to get to work and early morning bus journeys can be super boring. Reading is a fab way to get lost and let time slip by x

  211. In my greenhouse, i have my exercise bike in there, so i can get fit and read at the same time in peace.

  212. Favourite place to read a book is when I’m fishing on a boat in the middle of a reservoir, peace and quiet with only the water gently lapping on the side of the boat.

  213. Well everywhere, but the kindle is the best for reading on long train journeys – if I get bored of one book I can switch to another!

  214. I like to read wherever I get 5 minutes, hard with two small children! But in the bath, in bed, in the car, anywhere!

  215. In the garden while the kids are playing (and with a bit of luck the suns out)

  216. I like to read on the train to and from work, instead of just wasting time on the commute

  217. On a sunbed, next to the rooftop pool at the Grand Silverland Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam!!

  218. I love to take something to read with me on my Bike Rides so I can find somewhere lovely and stop to read. Winning a Kindle would certainly make my bag a little bit lighter πŸ˜€

  219. anywhere i can get peace from the kids lol so in the cupboard under the stairs if nec πŸ™‚

  220. i love reading anywhere quiet so its usually the garden, in bed or in the bath.

  221. I like to read some where quiet away from the kids, so in bed or in the bath and somtimes in the garden shed lol

  222. I love to read anywhere, but best of all when on holiday sitting on a balcony of a hotel room enjoying sunshine and admiring a lovely view!

  223. While I was commuting – it used to be on the train to and from work. Now, it’s usually in bed (last thing at night, first thing in the morning) – or weather permitting sitting in the sun on the deck.

  224. I like reading on public transport to pass the time, so the bus. Also, going to a cafe, getting a coffee, and sitting with a book for a while is nice! As is reading in bed πŸ™‚

  225. A little hideaway summer house at the top of my garden – in my dreams !! In reality, wherever I can snatch a few minutes !!!

  226. My favourite place to read is next to my local river. The water noises in the background are very relaxing and allow me to concntrate on my book better than silence would. I love it πŸ™‚

  227. I love reading while I’m travelling – hate sitting in a car/on a train/on a bus and not making good use of the time πŸ™‚

  228. There is only one place in the world where i can read in peace away from the Other Half, Kids and Dogs………The Bathroom! No one dare bother me when i’m in there….they know the consequences.

  229. Definitely in my bed before I go to sleep. I often have dreams about the book I’m reading too. I also like to read in the garden and on the train in the mornings.

  230. In bed with a lovely glass of wine at end of an intense day πŸ™‚

  231. I love to read on the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path while I’m having a little rest (bit slow I am!!)

  232. In my hammock at the end of the garden, when it’s not raining that is.

  233. I love to read in my garden, under my silver birch tree, next to my pond with the sound of the water trickling in. It is my attempt at kidding myself that Im really on holiday near the beach … I managed 2 days in Torquay last week, that was brilliant, with the sound of the sea and happy children playing in the background

  234. I read mine in my bed at night when I close the door and hide from my children!!

  235. I love to read pretty much anywhere, but my favourite place is the sofa, curtains shut, all snuggled in my dressing gown and a fleecey blanket!

  236. I think it might be easier to list where I don’t read. So nowhere where the book might get wet. Aside from that my favourite places to read are those where I can relax and stretch out – bed, sofa, recliner in the sun – and the laces where I most need to read are those where I;m not relaxed at all – on public transport, on planes, while waiting for people in my car – but I’m not proud – I’ll read anywhere where the book is safe!

  237. I love to read in bed and can’t get to sleep without a few chapters of a good book!

  238. I enjoy reading very early in the morning when the rest of the house are still fast asleep- at the kitchen table with a cup of tea.

  239. I like to read anywhere I can, i carry two or three books in my bag all the time! my favourite place to read is on the beach near where i live, tucked up with a flask of tea πŸ™‚

  240. My favourite place to read is in the bath! It’s so relaxing and especially if there is no-on else in the house, it’s bliss. Pure peace and quite and then your mind gets taken away even more if you are engrossed in a good book!

  241. My favourite place to read is in the churchyard which is across the road from my house, it looks out on the river and it’s such a lovely peaceful lace to read πŸ™‚

  242. fab comp ty 4 the opportunity i love to read curled up in bed,on safa with a hot choccy or in the bath πŸ™‚

  243. My Favorite place to read is around a camp fire..

    On a Cool .crisp .clear night Under the stars..

    Yorkshire tea in one hand . a book in the other…

    And in front of me..

    My Telescope to help visualize what I’m reading…

    Mostly about our Beautiful Home.. The Universe

    Simply Delightful…………

  244. Anywhere. Except the bath; I once fell a sleep in the bath and a dropped a first edition book, ruining it!

  245. When I am sitting on the beach! Its nice to chill out reading with the sound of the sea in the background!

  246. I love reading anywhere, but particularly when travelling or beside the pool.

  247. I love to read in the garden, though I would have got some very wet books this year!

  248. I like to read in bed to wind down at night and also on holiday (when we are stuck on the beach for ours watching sandcastles being made) lol x

  249. ummm, i like reading in the bathroom as its the only place i get any peace lol

  250. Anywhere… Home, beach, in the middle of a field, motorway services, train. I could go on and on πŸ™‚

  251. I am cabin crew and have another job also so the only time I get to read is if I am in a hotel room somewhere and I love it! My only chance to chill out!!!

  252. I like to read in bed before going to sleep as it relaxes the mind after a busy day.

  253. I read constantly , even while I am cooking, stirring the gravy with one hand, book in the other, I love to read in bath but my favourite place to read is at the Hay Literary festival, sitting on the grass, surrounded by other readers of all ages. It’s the highlight of my year πŸ™‚

  254. I love to read anywhere outside, the sound of the birds tweeting away and breathing in the beautiful fresh air but a huge smile on my face while i read.

  255. I think it would be great to read it on the train/plane/as a passenger in the car/bus as because it’s so much lighter and thinner than a book I wont need to carry a book around which I find can be awkward at times on public transport and would be much easier with the kindle πŸ™‚

  256. Love to read a good book anywhere especially when travelling, makes time fly when u find a good book

  257. I like reading at the end of the day just before I sleep as it relaxes me loads. I have to make sure the book isn’t too exciting though otherwise I can’t sleep.

  258. I love to read anywhere – my fav has to be after getting the kiddiwinks into bed, getting into bed myself and reading all evening in peace and quiet!!

  259. I travel frequently on business so really enjoy reading on the plane. So easy to distance yourself from the noise with a great book to distract you.

  260. I read anywhere possible, but mostly while on my lunch at work, also when waiting for a bus. I love reading, I have a love for reading that I just can’t explain!

  261. I love reading, but my favourite place to read is on the loo! It’s the only place in the house no one will disturb me!

  262. i like to read pretty much everywhere but my fav place to read is in bed while my youngest son curls up beside me for a cuddle x

  263. During the day the only books I get to read are The Gruffalo or That’s Not My Fairy but once the kids are in bed I love to relax in a warm bath with my current book.

  264. I’ve only read here once, but I went to the National Gallery to read a few chapters of ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ – I told no one because I wanted the experience to be just mine – now it can be a bit of yours…*shrugs* πŸ˜‰

  265. on the beach anywhere in the world, in the garden, in bed, in the bath, i just love reading

  266. I love to read in my garden. I’m usually found under the oak tree with a glass of wine too. ‘Bliss’

  267. with 3 children, i find it hard to read as much as i would like, but my favourite place has got to be in the kitchen whilst cooking, i can hold a book in one hand, and stir the tea with the other, heehee….

    would loveeeee a kindle for me as well as them to use to encourage them and get them to see just how fun reading can be…

    thanks guys xxxxxxx

  268. Not far from Uni is a beautiful fountain in a luscious green park. I quite often escape from Uni and go read by there. It really doesn’t matter what type of book I’m reading then. It’s so serene there it makes reading that little bit better!

  269. I love to read in my conservatory as its always warm and looks across at the fields and woods near where I live. I particularly like it when its wet outside, and Im all cosy inside with some great book.

  270. I love to read in bed or on the lounger tucked away in the corner of the garden. I love to read while I am waiting for my takeaway and I love to read while eating it. Waiting to meet someone, waiting to catch a train or plane, nothing can beat reading to wile away the time.

  271. Strays cafe in Newark. Comfy seats, good cake and it is a combinate cafe/book shop which is helpful. Good jazz music too.

  272. My three favourite reading spots are: in a bubble bath (the only place I think I wouldn’t use a Kindle), on the freshly cut hillside by the beautiful lake behind my house (so peaceful and a fantastic spot when the sun shines) and on public transport to pass the time and escape the monotony!

  273. In the garden, i sit on my rattan hanging chair, turn the garden water features on and its so peaceful and serene, i pick up a book and lose myself for hours.

  274. It has to be the classic reading room, or as others call it ‘the toilet’

    It’s generally the only place to get some peaceful reading done

  275. I love reading in the garden WHEN it’s sunny but failing that in bed or the bath are my back up places. Thanks for the fab giveaway πŸ™‚

  276. In the bath by candlelight, have to keep topping up the hot water if its a great read !!

  277. I love reading just before I go to sleep, but I also love reading when I take my son to a play area, when he plays I can get some me time and get lost in a good book.

  278. The toilet and in the bath. I have no peace elsewhere! (baby in bedroom with us!)

  279. I love to read on the bus to work, on the beach and most importantly in bed at night

  280. Anywhere that I have the time or peace and quiet. Best place ever was overlooking the neolithic/megalithic remains at Mnajdra

  281. When travelling, it makes the time go quicker. Also, in the Doctors surgery… our average waiting time (despite having an appointment!) is usually one hour plus, so having a kindle would be great πŸ™‚

  282. I like reading in the grounds of Belfast City Hall…if only the rain would let up this summer !

  283. I love reading in bed under the cover! With a kindle I wouldn’t need my torch anymore πŸ˜‰

  284. in the heart of Yorkshire, Great British countyside veiws and a good read is the ideal relaxing day for me

  285. I love reading where ever possible! Whether it is curled up in bed or waiting in a long shopping que, this would make my reading life easier! πŸ™‚ xo

  286. I like to read in bed, or sat in the garden on a sunny day, or whilst in the bath!

  287. in my favourite chair –mug of hot coffee–rich tea bikkies–sitting outside my beach hut!

  288. I absolutely love reading in bed ! A kindle would be amazing as I can carry on reading long after my partner has gone to sleep πŸ™‚

  289. My favourite place to read a book is…anywhere I’m on holiday and won’t be interrupted.

  290. Sitting in the park, with my back against a tree, not giving a care in the world.

  291. I love reading in my dining room which I have claimed s my personal quiet reading space

  292. I go to the local square where I can read quietly but also watch the world go by.

  293. This question brings back to me a lovely memory. As a child I loved going to the library (love reading) which was situated in a beautiful big park where you can stroll and enjoy nature (not a swings and seesaw park). One day I went to the library and picked out a book. When I left the library the sun was shining and the park called to me. Whilst walking through the park I came upon this really great tree with quite low branches. Yes, you guessed it, I climbed the tree and sat on one of the thick branches – it was really quite comfy and opened my book. No one knew I was there and I could enjoy my book with the sunlight dappling between the leaves. This is a memory which I cherish and I was grateful your question brought it back to my mind. My answer, therefore, would be sitting in a tree.

  294. I love to read in bed, with a glass of wine on the bedside table and a little bit of chocolate.

  295. I love to read when i’m away from home with work and stuck in a hotel room from 8pm until the next morning.

  296. I like to go to my local park – it gets quite noisy in my house so its a nice reprieve to be able to pick up my book and wander to the park where its quiet and I am left alone to read πŸ™‚

  297. On the middle step at home, looking out onto the garden.
    To coin a phrase from Robin on the Muppet show.
    I’m not at the bottom, I’m not at the top, I’m just on the step where I always sit.

  298. My children love to read when they’re eating,guess it takes their minds off the food! The Kindle would be perfect for this as it would make ‘turning pages’ so much easier.

  299. with a 6 year old i dont get much time to myself so i love to read curled up in my bedroom πŸ™‚

  300. I like to read in bed however hardback books or books that are too thick give me a dead arm, so i try to avoid them.

  301. Love reading!! I read in the garden, in the park, on public transport, in bed, in other peoples houses ( i’m not a very social person, you can tell! lol)

  302. Anywhere and anytime I get the opportunity!!! Especially when little one is in bed – even better when the husband is out too and better still with a small glass of wine at my side πŸ™‚

  303. I might get laughed at here, but I read in the toilet. Its the only place I can close and lock the door and pretend I’m ‘busy’ hehe

  304. I can read anywhere but I Love read a good book in a lovely warm bubble bath, just relaxing!

  305. I like to read just about anywhere but my favourite places are…in bed, in the bath and travelling to and from work.

  306. If i had a kindle, i would read it everywhere the park, the train, the doctots, taking the kids to their clubs etc, but the perfect place i have ever read was when i went to Lanzarote and my mum lent me hers on the beach, it was fab, worked great in the sun and was so easy to use.

  307. I love to read anywhere – on the park, in the garden, the the bath or in bed. It helps me relax and escape to new and different worlds and experience lives different or similar to my own.

  308. Wherever there’s peace and quiet, and a comfy place to sit. I need to devote myself to a book with no distractions πŸ™‚

  309. On the train – there’s no distractions in no TV or anything, just you, the train and whatever you’re reading!

  310. I love reading in bed, in the bath or relaxing in the garden, on the beach or at the park. I love reading so much, it’s my favourite way to relax. Would love a kindle….wouldn’t risk taking it in the bath though hehe πŸ˜‰

  311. i like reading in bed r the garden on a sunny day ( so not getting through many books at the mo!)

  312. In bed has to be my favourite place to read. I need peace and quiet and no distractions in order to be able to really enjoy my book – and there are not many places where that can be found!

  313. I love to read when the kids are at school in my conservatory. My little reading haven!! xx

  314. I love reading on the beach when its empty, nothing better than a sea breeze and the sound of the waves to get that imagination going!!

  315. I travel on the train a lot, and reading on the train has become regular for me. It’s really relaxing, the beautiful landscapes whizzing past the window, and you have it all in the book in your hands πŸ™‚ Spectacular feeling πŸ™‚

  316. with cup of coffee ,after kids leave for school,sitting in the lounge, peaceful,best time and place to read for me

  317. I have 3 children and just recently started to read again… I haven’t picked up a book in a long time, and in the past week have managed to read 2! With the beautiful weather weve just had in the south west, I set up the picnic blankets in the garden, filled up the paddling pools, and got all the toys out and the kids had a whale of a time whilst i lay and red in the garden catching some rays πŸ™‚

  318. I like to read when travelling to pass the time. Luckily I don’t suffer from travel sickness.

  319. Curled up on the sofa after the kids have gone to bed. Book in one hand, cup of tea in the other πŸ™‚

  320. my fav place for reading is on the bus. I have an hour commute to and from uni each day so it gives me an excellent opportunity!

  321. In bed usually. But I have always had a vision of sitting reading in a bay window so if I ever won the lottery I would build a house with a bay window looking out at fields just so I could have somewhere to read!

  322. I tend to ready on the bus on the way to/from work. Would love to be able to read on the beach more.

  323. At my Father In Laws house because he bores me to tears talking about Landrovers with my husband….

  324. I love reading on the stairs, always wearing my “reading hat”, I guess I am a little strange like that…

  325. I love going to bed to read at the end of a busy day, I can go into my own little world stress free!

    Great Comp. thanks. xx

  326. On the bed, on the sofa, in the kitchen, jostling between others on the Jubliee Trains, escalators, flights,,

  327. On the green in front of Peterborough Cathedral – a stunning and peaceful setting x

  328. In the shade in the garden (weather permitting) or in bed. Reading is a really relaxing thing for me.

  329. I live opposite a long stretch of pretty much deserted beach – no place better to read!

  330. In my car, it’s my own personal space, with the radio on low I can take the car anywhere to where my mood takes me and relax with a good read.

  331. In the Summer, the beach, garden, anywhere outdoors really but in the Winter by a fire with a nice glass of wine πŸ™‚

  332. To the beach, the park, on the bus and relaxing on my sofa, it’s a portable, anytime, anywhere read machine!

  333. I read anywhere and everywhere I can to escape the world and indulge in my imagination……..espcially when travelling and on a sunbed though.

  334. On the loo; because this way no one can stop you as you get to the vital part of the story πŸ™‚

  335. Cuddled up on my sofa, with the cat sitting next to me – or anywhere as im a real book worm.

  336. I literally read EVERYWHERE! The toilet, in bed, in the bath, at work, in thecar, on trains. If I have a spare 5 minutes-regardless of where I am my head will be buried in a book.

  337. I travel on the train a lot to visit my parents and I always settle down with a good book for the journey.

  338. I love reading at Virginia Water park, lying next to the waterfall is so peaceful and perfect for getting engrossed in a good book

  339. kindle is great as its so light and portable, I love reading in my bed for an hour before I sleep, or even more so reading on holiday in the sun sweating out the hangover from too many cocktails the night before πŸ™‚

  340. My ideal favourite place to read would be on a secluded beach. However, I am more likely to use a kindle on public transport on the way to work! πŸ™‚

  341. i love to read anywhere , but my best place is a small quiet spot in clumber park NT

  342. I ready anywhere I possibly can but my favourite place is in bed because I know I can read for as long as I want to without being disturbed.
    My other half would say he doesn’t like to read…but I keep finding his kindle in the toilet.
    (Well not actually IN the toilet….but you know what I mean)

  343. In my bed, snuggled under the duvet with a mug of coffee and a boyfriend on hand to fetch me reading snacks πŸ™‚

  344. In the bath! Good book, honey and chocolate scented candles, a locked door, warm water, and complete peace! Heaven on Earth!

  345. Snuggled on the sofa with a nice glass of wine. or laid on a picnic rug enjoying the sunshine

  346. At home – when I finally can put my feet up after a long day in the office.
    On the go – when I am travelling, on the train or flights.

  347. I read anywhere and mainly on my commute to work and seems to make a long and tedious journey enjoyable.

  348. anywhere with light or a torch, i remember reading with the light from my phone when my son was in hospital and i couldnt sleep

  349. In my lunch break at work or in the bath, anywhere i can get 5 minutes to myself really!

  350. I love reading in bed and on a sun lounger! But one of my favourite simple pleasures in life is a Sunday in, when it’s raining outside, PJ day with my little boy, films and books by the fire. Can’t beat it.

  351. I like to carry a book in my bag so I can always read when I get a spare 5 mins πŸ™‚

  352. At the end of my garden under a little silver birch tree where I have made a little snug with cushions and a gazebo, if the weathers sunny and the wind reedy I can drift off into another world.

  353. I enjoy reading on long haul flights, a good book seems to make the flight go more quickly

  354. I like to sit amongst the trees on Canncok Chase, which is a five minute walk away from my house, I take a picnic basket with me and sit in the sunshine (when we have it!) with my back against an old oak tree. Heaven πŸ™‚

  355. With two children, the only peace I get to read is when I’m in the bath. I also love to read outside in the garden on a warm sunny day, especially while the children are in school.

  356. I like to read in bed especially when I can hear the rain beating down outside and its all nice and cosy and warm inside and I can get lost in the book and my imagination.

  357. I love to have a sneaky read in the stunning roman gardens in the walled city of chester. So peaceful and surrounded by history. What better place i have not found!

  358. On the window seat in the loft which looks across to the hils and gets the afternoon sun!

  359. There are two places I love to read. In the summer, reading by an ice blue swimming pool is perfection. In contrast, in the winter, next to the log burner, whilst it snows outside, there is nothing better than to lose yourself in a book whilst you are all comfy inside on the sofa!

  360. In my car! Parked up during my lunch break, somewhere with a nice view, preferably, with a sandwich and a book.

  361. Snuggled up on the sofa or in bed are my favourite places whilst at home, or in the plane or by the pool when on holiday.

  362. I like to read on the bus to and from work. I really enjoy reading outside in a park if its nice weather.

  363. I love to read in bed with my morning cuppa, in the garden on a sunny day, in the car on a long trip and on the beach.

  364. In the Gym, it balances on the bike much better than a book and takes my mind away from the exercise πŸ™‚

  365. Anywhere that I can relax and escape from the world around. While eating lunch in a frenetic canteen, on the busy commuter bus or relaxing in the bath.

  366. In the bath, next thing I know I’ve been soaking for an hour, time flies when I’m reading!

  367. I read in the park while the kids are happily playing in the sandpit, or if I have to make a journey on public transport (not often!) then it passes the hours away quickly! Otherwise I read on the sofa & often fall asleep with my head on a book!

  368. I read in the bedroom before going to sleep, I also like reading with children in schools and libraries. Last but not least I read with my kids at home.

  369. love to read anywhere if im honest but especially curled up in bed or on the beach!

  370. Definitely on the beach – I can read for hours laying in the sun and never get bored!

  371. Outside in the sun enjoying the warm weather… or tucked up in bed when the British weather is as unpredictable as ever!