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More EduLinks goodness. Yay!

Set your own deadlines and find out the number of days between two dates with Date Calculator.

Stuck on repeat? PsyBlog explains why it’s persuasive to say the same thing over and over and over again.

PsyBlog also have 18 great reads on the psychology of persuasion.

William Ury on reaching agreement even in difficult circumstances. The walk from “no” to “yes”:

Jennifer Jones explains how she summarises notes from a piece of literature. Her questions will aid critical thinking when it comes to what you’re reading. My favourite question set is “Do you agree or disagree with the author? Why?” because it forces you to deal with your own thoughts on the subject.

The Boar reports on UK students leaving in droves to America, while the BBC asks if it pays to be a student in the US.

Speaking of going abroad, do you want to be paid to live in another country while you study? Erasmus lets you do that and Megan has the lowdown in her Insider’s Guide.

Chris Brogan says that you own your life, you own the distractions, and you set the limits.

We’re already half way through January. Have you made New Year resolutions and have they fallen by the wayside already? Many will have already given up. So why do we make New Year resolutions?

Your brain on improv:

You may want to keep reminding yourself of the 10 simple truths smart people forget.

Finally, Scott Young has produced a brief guide to learning faster and better. ‘Brief’ as in over 4,000 words. Make sure to bookmark it.

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