25 Great “Best Of” Lists from 2010

Happy New Year to you all! As we all start to settle in to 2011, what better way than to enjoy the best of last year’s wealth of goodness on the Web.

Here are 25 list posts to highlight the best of 2010 and to help propel you into 2011.

Here’s to a great year ahead!


photo by jaxxon

photo by jaxxon


1. BBC – Most read stories of 2010
2010 started with a lot of snow and ended much the same way.  Oh yes, and if you looked carefully, you may have spotted some student protests somewhere in between.

2. Wall Street Journal – Words of the Year 2010
Be it ‘iPad’ or ‘Eyjafjallajökull’, some words suddenly grew in popularity.

3. Top 10 Harvard Business Review posts 2010
You don’t need to wait until you graduate to think about business issues. Many tips are just as relevant now.

4. Guardian’s most read business stories for 2010
Speaking of business, here’s what people have been reading (and photos they’ve been viewing) over at The Guardian.

5. The Best of Open Culture in 2010
So much to discover. Varied and entertaining stuff.

6. Essential Zen Habits of 2010
More calm win.

Students, Learning & Productivity

7. Freelance Students: 10 most popular posts of 2010
Judging by the list, a lot of students are looking for CV, career & graduate advice.

8. Her Campus Top 10 Articles in 2010
Fashion, social life & careers take the top spots on Her Campus.

9. Top 10 Most Inspiring Graduation Speeches Of All Time
Famous people pumping new graduates full of inspiration for the future.

10. Lifehack – 100 Best Lifehacks of 2010 (Year in review)
Covering personal growth, productivity, lifestyle, relationships, creativity and more.  As always, Lifehack delivers plenty.

11. Best Critical Thinking Posts in 2010
These critical thinking posts are great. Don’t consider that, just take my word…

12. Top 10 student insights from 2010 to use in 2011
From potential student to job-seeking graduate, what are the trends for 2011?

Social Media, E-Learning & Tech

13. Jane Hart’s Top Social Media & Learning Links for 2010
A wide range of hand-picked links around the Web on social learning. Sorted by month.

14. Tweet Smarter – Most important social media events of 2010
A brief infographic of all the big online landmarks last year.

15. Best of Twittercism 2010
I like Twitter. If you do too, don’t miss Twittercism’s best.

16. e-Learning Stuff – Top 10 posts of 2010
James Clay presents the most popular learning and technology posts on his site.

17. MakeUseOf’s 10 most popular posts of the year
MakeUseOf give the lowdown on Internet and tech goodies you’ll want in your life.

18. Rapid E-Learning: Favourite posts of 2010
Aimed more at creating e-learning courses. However, there are some good presentation tips here, as well as creative guidance.

19. Chronicle – Most popular education technology articles of 2010
If articles weren’t enough, Chronicle even highlight their most popular podcasts. Spoiling us, really.

20. Top 113 eLearning posts & 28 hottest topics for 2010
Whether you’re a student, a tutor, or just interested in learning, there’s an almost overwhelming amount of information here.

Creativity & Personal Development

21. Angela Maiers’ Top Posts for 2010
Angela Maiers gives much focus to childhood learning and development on her blog. But don’t be fooled; there’s a great deal of relevant insight in what Maiers says, no matter what level of learning you’re at.

22. Best of Lateral Action in 2010
Time to get creative!

23. A Daring Adventure – 10 best self-development posts of 2010
If you’re gonna do it yourself, it’s good to get some help…

24. Penelope Trunk’s most popular posts of 2010
Happiness, anger, liking, hating. Something for everyone!

25. Charade: Make Your Life Amazing
Not a ‘best of 2010’ post, but a brilliant way to end this list of lists.  Megan has put together a set of articles on how to make your year a great one.

If you have found any other ‘best of’ lists for last year, share the wealth and let us know in the comments!

photo by [ Mooi ]

photo by Mooi


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