EduLinks – Media, Marches & Making Music

Ones to Watch – Guardian Student Media Awards: The Nominees Part 2

More lowdown on who is nominated in this year’s Guardian Student Media Awards.

Andy Halls – How to cover the spending review: student journalism style

More journalism gubbins. This time, how students at the University of Central Lancashire extensively covered the government’s recent comprehensive spending review.  A fascinating insight.

Productivity 501 – Starting College

Mark’s advice is quick and to the point, yet should still provide you with a wealth of ideas you hadn’t considered.  There’s even a section on keeping good records, which is more important than you might think.  Well worth a read.

KCLSU – Don’t be a zombie

As students and academics prepare to march in London on November 10, lots of videos are popping up to promote the cause.  King’s College have made an impressive effort here.

Politicrit – Do Businesses #loveHE?

A passionate look at the government’s decision to phase out funding in arts and humanities.

Rick Astley in thesis

So you think you can write great essays, huh?  But can you Rick Roll the tutor at the same time?

Dear Students [Warning: It’s a bit sweary…]

Four hundred million pounds-a-pounds-a-pounds-pounds-a-pounds-a-pounds-pounds…

And on that note. Enjoy the weekend. 🙂