EduLinks – Lists, Loneliness & Lacking Privacy

Back again with loads of weekend reading and lush links for you.

Ben Casnocha – 50 Ways to Expose Yourself to Randomness

A list of ideas to launch you into new, exciting, interesting things.  You may not want to try any of the 50 suggestions here, but the point is to go and do something different that could open your eyes and take you to wonderful places.

Marc & Angel Hack Life – Top 40 Useful Sites To Learn New Skills

One of those great resource posts to bookmark and (hopefully) not forget.

BBC Magazine – What’s the difference between being lonely and a loner?

It’s okay to have loner moments.  It’s not the same as being lonely.  When you’re lonely you want company, when you’re being a loner you’re happy without it.

Politicrit – I #loveHE, so why don’t you?

Newell tells me this post felt like a great big rant.  But I like it and it reads well.

“I don’t work within the HE sector-although I like to think I work partly for it-but I regularly meet lecturers, Vice Chancellors, activists and student representatives. Every time I leave these meetings I leave in awe of the person that I’ve met. So why is it that this sector, which I will unashamedly admit I love with an ever growing passion, is constantly met with criticism, cuts and public apathy?”


BookBoon offers academic textbooks on its site for free.  With a growing collection on numerous topics, you should give them a visit to see what books may be of use to your study.

Smashing Mag – Bizarre Websites On Which You Can Kill Time With Style

Finished your exams now?  No?  You’re still busy?  Ah, then I don’t recommend you clicking the link above.  It’s too dangerous…

Compare My Radio

Tracking what gets played on UK radio stations, this site shows you what’s popular on the playlists.  Most interesting is the ‘variety gauge’, which lets you see how much a station repeats the same songs over and over again.  Compare BBC 6 Music’s 62% variety with Capital FM’s 3% variety.  Capital played only 240 unique tracks in the last month, while 6 Music played 3,603 unique tracks.  So when you say some radio stations seem to play the same tracks all the time, you wouldn’t be far wrong.

Search Engine Land – Facebook’s New “Simple” Privacy Settings Still Pretty Complex

Due to a huge backlash from users and critics over privacy settings, Facebook are responding by making the settings simple again.  Well, simple-ish.  What difference it makes, we’ll soon find out.  In the meantime, with so many users pumping out status updates and personal information to the world, you’re free to search what’s being said via services such as Booshaka and Openbook.  Tut tut.

Universities Week: What’s the Big Idea?

Universities Week is on 14-20 June 2010, hoping to engage the public with positive stories about the great role universities play in society.  Sad thing, as someone pointed out to me on Twitter, is that most universities won’t exactly be full of students in the middle of June…

Times Higher Education – Pulling Power

Why choose a particular uni?  What makes some institutions more exciting than others?  And just how does the London School of Economics get so many applicants (nearly 16 applications per place)?

Constructively Productive – 36 Secrets the Productivity Gurus Won’t Tell You (But Our Heretics Will)

Thursday Bram and Ali Hale have set up a new site that tries to bring “perspective to productivity”.  The above link brings all manner of people together to discuss unusual ways that they stay productive.  Because what works for one person won’t necessarily work for another.  The answer to what works best for you can only come from you.

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  1. Thanks for the link to Constructively Productive! We had a lot of fun putting that post together … great to get such a range of diverse viewpoints in one place.

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