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Is it that time again? Onward!

From Economist – Needle in a haystack

“When information was recorded on a tangible medium—paper, film and so on—everything had only one correct place. With digital information the same item can be filed in several places at once, notes David Weinberger, the author of a book about taxonomy and the internet, ‘Everything Is Miscellaneous’. Digital metadata make things more complicated and simpler at the same time.”

Gizmo – Best freeware programs

Gizmo – Best online services

Gizmo’s site consistently offers great advice on finding the best free software around.  Why use expensive programs when you can download something similar (and often better) for free?

The two sites above are definitely ones to bookmark.  I found a lot of software and online tools that I already use and love. I first heard about some of the items from Gizmo’s site in the first place.

100 Free and Useful Portable Apps for College Students

USB memory sticks are so useful. Yes, they’re small and I’ve lost count of the number of people who tell me they’ve left a stick with their essays on in the library or computer centre.  However, the benefits of these tiny sticks can’t be ignored.  Set up a home computer setup away from home by sticking your favourite software on the stick and using it wherever you go.

If you haven’t already seen the brilliant PortableApps suite, you should definitely check that out too.

Independent – Is it time to tear up your CV and try a different approach to finding your dream job?

You’re not limited to finding a job using traditional methods.  How far do you want to go?  While the article helpfully suggests how to push your search further and harder, I wouldn’t suggest you rip that CV up quite yet.

Yahoo! Finance – 10 Resume Red Flags

Get your not-yet-ripped-up-CV in shape for applications. Some seemingly ‘must-have’ CV areas may do more harm. And think again before you try some techniques to make your CV stand out.  It could stand out for all the wrong reasons…

University of East Anglia – Are YOU at risk of plagiarism?

Test yourself on how well you know your stuff.  Can you use material from lectures and lecture notes without referencing?  Are you allowed to discuss an assignment topic with another student?  Can you re-use material from your own essays?

From Leeds Student – Sleepless Students

“Many of us theorize that by sleeping all weekend we can make up for the hapless sleeping patterns of the previous week – a sort of banking system for sleep. However consistency is key. It is actually advisable to sleep the same amount (ideally 7-8 hours) every night. This would involve the same bed time and waking time even on weekends! Understandably, for many this will be unachievable, after all weekends were made for lie-ins. However, ‘banking’ sleep can actually lead to feeling more tired. This is due to an increase in melatonin, a sleep regulating hormone that can be caused by oversleeping.”

Matt’s Idea Blog – The 20 top time wasters, stealers, nibblers, and how to nab them

While I go through the 20/20 series of posts, here’s a Top 20 list for getting your time back and zapping the things that eat away at that precious commodity.

Apophenia: ChatRoulette for the uninitiated / ChatRoulette from my perspective

If you’ve not heard of the randomly social-connecting webcam service ChatRoulette, the first piece will bring you up to speed. It’s not to everyone’s taste. If you’re well aware of the site, the second piece discusses the service further and how it reminds the author (Danah Boyd) of the earlier days of the Internet.

ChatRoulette has quickly become a popular site, but I can’t see it as anything other than a novelty.  It’s not the future of web apps, even if it is bizarre and compelling for many.

MakeUseOf – How To Create A Good Password That You Will Not Forget

You don’t have to rely on the name of your cat, a rude word, or 123456 to remember a password.  As the article shows, you can create a memorable password that looks nonsense to anyone else.  Who’d have thought a Bryan Adams fan would have no problem logging in to their email with a password like ‘E1d_1D!4Y:)GMa’.

Positivity Blog – 3 Common Mistakes When Trying to Improve Self Confidence

Don’t just think something positive, DO something positive.  Don’t just imagine the worst outcomes, imagine the BEST outcomes.  Don’t just rush into things, PREPARE each step of the way.