Order Plus Focus Equals WIN!

When you see the list of things to do getting longer and out of control, take action.

Here’s a quick way to get back on track:

Order in importance and focus on just a few tasks each day.  Anything else is a bonus.

I’m sure you don’t have 20 tasks that all need finishing TODAY, even if that’s how it feels sometimes.  Let’s say time truly is tight and you have a week to get 20 important things complete.  That’s less than three things you need to do each day that week.  Even if you relax at weekends, you’d only have four tasks to do each weekday before completing all 20.

I’m sure the jobs will take different lengths of time, but this doesn’t when your list is out of control.  Every job will seem to take up too much of your valuable time.  In the circumstances, you need to claw things back and be the master of it once more.

Do this:

  • List all the stuff you need to do.
  • Make sure you really NEED to do it.  Anything not important or urgent, take off the list.
  • Arrange items in order of importance. But,
  • Anything that requires urgent attention over the next day should come first. And,
  • Shorter tasks that are inconvenient to complete, but won’t take long, can be dealt with as soon as possible too. That’ll take them off the list and give you a warm, fuzzy feeling.
  • Everything else follows on the list, still in order of importance.

If you won’t feel any more warm and fuzzy just by removing the shorter tasks off the list quickly, it may be best to skip that step.  Just order in importance and don’t focus on anything else until you’re out of danger and able to relax once more.

This is a quick and dirty method that still requires a push on your own part, but it helps get the job done.  With a tight focus, you shouldn’t feel so overwhelmed, especially when you get closer to clearing the list of tasks.

I wouldn’t recommend this as a regular way to deal with your time!  The exercise is simply to get you over a panic.

May you never need to use such a method. 😉