EduLinks: Roll on 2010!

Yes, it’s the final set of EduLinks until we see in the New Year.  If anything noteworthy happens between now and some point in January, I’ll link it then.  Merry Christmas to all the wonderful people and websites I link to.  You’re all fantastic! 🙂

The DumbLittleMan Guide to Colon Use

Does exactly what it says on the tin.  Well, title.

PsyBlog – How Other People’s Unspoken Expectations Control Us

When are we *not* being manipulated in one way or another? We might as well give up now! 😉

New York Times – Good Enough is the New Great

We’re all lo-fi now.

From BPS Research Digest – Over-confidence in self-control leads us to temptation

“One group of students performed an easy two-minute memory task whilst a second group completed an arduous twenty-minute version. The group who’d completed the easy version subsequently rated their ability to overcome mental fatigue more highly than the group who’d performed the arduous task. What’s more, the easy group said they planned to leave more of their coursework until the last week of term, consistent with their inflated belief in their ability to work through fatigue.”


Take your photos and get passport photos and avatar images from them.  A useful service that’s nice and simple.

Marginal Revolution – Facts about FairTrade

Many of us want to do our bit.  An increasing number of universities are going Fairtrade.  But the situation isn’t all smiles…

Lifehacker – Google Translate URL Generates Instant Text-to-Speech MP3 Files

Plenty of fun to be had here for some of you, I’m sure.  Sounds okay too.

From Productive Flourishing – The Key To Consistent Creativity and Productivity

“Sometimes people allocate too much time to some of their tasks where the upper limit of their engagement threshold for that particular task is much lower. There’s only so long you can stand to do those things you don’t want to do before you become ineffective or start resisting the hell out of it. For instance, if you have some difficult calls to make, it probably doesn’t serve you well to program a whole afternoon of making those calls; you’re less likely to start in the first place and you’ll probably only get one or two done before you’ve had enough.”

This is an important point.  The task of writing an essay will take many hours. Break down the tasks within that task and you’ll only need fifteen minutes here, an hour there, and so on.  Manageable and quantifiable is the way forward.

Times Higher Education – Lib Dems to scrap tuition fees

There are alternatives to simply raising tuition fees. Perhaps this can help stop the silence on the future of HE funding.  It’ll be interesting to see what comes from this announcement. Watch this space!