Freshers – Work seriously to find more fun

This is one of the most common things I hear from Freshers:

“The first year doesn’t go toward your final degree award, so you might as well just pass the modules and leave the proper work for later…”

Not true.  That attitude creates more work, not less.  Desperately cramming more fun in the short term causes less fun in the long term.  What’s the point in that?

Now we’re into 2009 and Freshers are pretty cosy in their ways now, I’ve been hearing a lot of these comments.  One person recently said to me, “I didn’t know the marks didn’t matter until the other day.  Someone could’ve told me I didn’t have to work so hard on everything!”  This coming from someone with straight-As at A-Level.  Perhaps it’s an image thing, but that leaves a lot of people trying to give the same image.

The first year of university is definitely meant to be a time for fun and enjoying the social whirl.  It’s also about finding your feet, settling in, and getting to grips with what’s expected of you.  Your study is important in all these things.  That’s the very reason why the essays and exams don’t usually go toward the final degree marking.  You’re being allowed the opportunity to find a voice, to make mistakes, to understand how to craft a winning essay.

That first year is the ultimate time to further your ability and push things up at least one grade the following year, if not more.  It might not seem that way, but early on in your degree could be the best moment to strike.

What do you think?

gear-man (photo by dlnny)