Morning Productivity Wake-up Call – Read, Review, Revive, Ready!

For some, getting up can be difficult on the best of mornings.  It needn’t be if you ease into the day with a “read, review, revive, ready” session.

photo by tizwas01

No point in prolonging the inevitable... (photo by tizwas01)

There’s nothing ground-breaking about it.  Here’s the deal:


If getting out of bed is a pain and you’re more interested in the comfy bed, at least you can wake up with a morning read.  Your head may feel fuzzy, but you don’t have to read anything challenging.  Maybe a chapter of an easy-going novel will wake your mind up and take you away from the happy feelings of sleep.  Just something to let you set off, rather than drift off!


Now you’re at least awake.  At this point, a moment of review helps.  What are your plans for the day?  What do you need to concentrate on to make the most of your time?  How would you like to develop and what do you plan to do about it?

Setting your daily goals will get your mind flowing and focus you for the day ahead.  And it can still all be done in the comfort of your bed if you wish.


Now’s the time to strike.  You’re wide awake, but you’re still cosy and warm.  You’ve got a choice:

  • Jump out of bed, throw back the curtains and splash your face with cold water;
  • Jump out of bed, throw back the curtains and commit to a brisk exercise.  Just five minutes should do it.  Star jumps, running on the spot, throwing your arms through the air like a loon, whatever you like.  This isn’t exercise for keeping fit, it’s exercise to make you alert and raring to go!

…you can throw back the curtains after the exercise if you’re worried somebody is going to see you.  😉


Getting out of bed is even easier when you’ve already prepared for it.  I’ve long been a fan of easing into a new day by preparing the night before.  I get my clothes ready and my necessary belongings organised.  That way, I don’t have a last-minute scramble finding a particular book or working out what to wear.  You’re ready before you’ve even started.

Far from promoting laziness, these preparations give me a morning boost, because I’m free to concentrate on more important things.  The hassle of getting everything ready in the morning simply adds to your feeling of not wanting to get up.  So sort out as much as you can the night before!  It makes such a powerful difference that you’ll probably stop with the face-splashing and exercising.  Who needs to revive if you’re already feeling perky?

A “read, review, revive, ready” session saves a lot of time in the long run, since you’ll be less likely to make the mistake of falling back to sleep when you didn’t mean to, or pushing the snooze button for the eighth time in a row…

If sleep, or wakefulness, is proving too difficult even with this method of rising, check out my other tips on improving your slumber and staying awake.  It’s the most popular post on this blog for a reason!


  1. I too find that laying all my clothes out the night before is a big help in dragging myself from under the duvet. It gets rid of that”oh, but I can’t get up till I’ve decided what to wear today” feeling!

    I also often start the day with a mini-review of what I want to get done. If I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed with “stuff”, I write a list of “MUST DOs” — things that genuinely need to get done that day, then a list of “NICE TO DOs” — things which I’d like to get done, but which are no biggie if they have to wait till tomorrow.

  2. Why on earth is it so draining in the morning when we don’t have our clothes ready that moment? Not even a refreshing shower can get rid of the annoyance.

    When I set my mind on what I’m wearing the night before, the following day often runs at a better pace. Why!? And it’s not just us…this is a common thing!

    A complete mystery…can anyone help us in our ‘calm clothes’ confusion?

  3. I am not a morning person, but a few weeks ago started getting up at 6:30am. My daughter’s schoolbus doesn’t come to the door til 8:05, but I’ve already learned that she needs to be up for an hour if I want her to eat breakfast, so I’d been waking us both up at 7am.

    Getting up at 6:30am means I have me time, coffee time, prayer time and sometimes breakfast. I’m fully awake and alert by the time she’s up and less likely to be crabby or grumpy believe it or not. It took about 2 days to see the advantage of getting up early, and already it’s easy.

    Did I mention how I am NOT a morning person? If you make it worth your own while to get up, you will.

  4. Congratulations on changing your routine for the better, ginabad! You’re right, it is difficult to make the changes when you’re not used to getting up early. Especially when you’re not that into mornings!

    Some people may take more than a couple of days to find getting up easy (but the advantages should become clear quickly). To those finding it tough, I’d recommend they keep to the early morning wake up for at least a couple of weeks. A bit of determination and patience should bring great rewards.

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