Don’t let minor issues slow you down

Every day, I have to battle stupid little quirks and niggles as if they’re intense uphill struggles.  It’s the same for all of us.  But how hard are you battling?  Can you think of those moments in the day when something upsets the balance for about five seconds…then lets it bother you for five hours?

Without fighting the urge to get angry or the craving to complain, it’s easy to let minor events take control of what we do.  In no time, we have no idea why we’re in a foul mood, but it’s certainly knocked out half the good intentions we had at the beginning of the day.

Photo by ba1969

Picture by ba1969

You don’t have to picture 15 different ways of acting out your revenge on the guy who nearly ran you over in the road.  Neither do you have to build up an elaborate back story of grief and horror when you face a short setback on writing an essay.

Whatever issues come our way, the battle is to keep them as minor as possible.

Often, a real crisis is more easily manageable than a glitch.  A calm urgency can be insanely productive, as can being generally calm under pressure of any sort.  But give us something inconsequential that we have a few minutes to think over?  That’s a different story!

By all means start counting to ten before your anger gets to you.  Of course, take deep breaths and close your eyes to shut out the difficulty.  Do whatever you need to start battling an over the top reaction.  But once you’ve done this, get busy battling even more to get on with what you should be doing.

Personal thoughts are called personal for a reason.  The world hasn’t changed in a split second, but your thoughts can go off tangent in a blink.  With a firm awareness of your personal thoughts, you have the ability to turn your focus straight back to what really matters and stop wasting time worrying about everything else.

Once you start battling the quirks with confidence, you’re on the way to contentment with the world…whatever tries to get in your way.


  1. That’s a nice post, and I agree that I worry about the small things just as much as the bigger things. I just worry in general, if I didn’t have anything to worry about I’d probably worry about that. I think having a positive attitude is a good step. If you are feeling particularly down one day, and all you want to do is hide away and be miserable, that’s the time to get out, change your scenery, wear something bright and cheerful. The worst thing you can do (and I’m often guilty of it) is wallow.

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