Additions to the Blogroll

Just a quick heads up.  I’ve added some more links to the Blogroll:

A Working Life – LJ discusses all things work.  Work is that thing you may do part-time, but which probably hasn’t slapped you with full force yet…

Motivational Speaker – Craig Harper’s great site.  I discovered it after Craig left a comment on here and I subscribed to the RSS feed soon after.  The site is just how he describes it, “[a] one-stop information, inspiration, education and motivation station”.

Pimp Your Grades – Get every mark working in your favour!

Productivity501 – Way beyond student productivity.  Productivity501 covers personal improvement of all kinds.

Student Bloggers – A wonderful concept.  Alex guides you through a growing list of students who are blogging through their degrees.  They are almost exclusively from American institutions at the moment.  I don’t know many people in the UK who are consistently blogging through their studies, but I’m sure both myself and Alex would like to hear from you if you do.

University Scholar – As I post this, Michael’s latest post at University Scholar is spot on.  But before you get walking, read some more of his posts!


  1. Thanks for the link-up. There are a few international bloggers in the directory, but not many. They’re marked with asterisks (*) in the directory. I’d love to get more on there.

  2. I haven’t been blog-hopping lately but I am hoping I could still spend some time reading blogs like this one. It just keeps me coming back 😀

  3. Bless you all!

    @Alex, if I hear of any budding UK student bloggers, I’ll point them in your direction or send over a link.

    @pelf, you are a star. And best of luck with your US trip.

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