EduLinks – Fancy that…

Just after I write about the definition of a university, along comes the Times Higher Education and has a big feature article and leader along those lines.  I’ve not read it yet, but I’m looking forward to doing so later…it’s a good stop press EduLink, which is why I’m a little later delivering the post…


Times Higher Education – Diversity Challenge

Times Higher Education – Leader: Cardinal lessons and virtues

[Here you go.  “What is a university?” discussed in a big way.  At least, I think that what it’s going to be about…At time of writing, I’ve not read it yet.  But I’m very much looking forward to.]

Student Help Forum – How to Enact Damage Control After a Classroom Catnap

[Some sound advice here.  If you go and fall asleep in lectures or – even worse – seminars, it’s time for a little bit of damage limitation.] – Tips and tricks for distraction free writing

[Why is everything out to distract us?  We even seem out to distract ourselves.  This article at the ever-helpful Lifehack will take some of those distractions away.  I especially like the idea of wearing headphones when people are around, even if you aren’t going to listen to any music.  You may still look for distractions yourself, but people are less likely to bother you if they think you’re in the middle of a particularly satisfying riff…]

JISC – ‘Google Generation’ is a myth, says new research

[My questions for you: Do you live an Internet life beyond Google and Wikipedia?  Are you impatient when searching for information?  Do you feel that searching skills should be taught on a regular basis?  Are you excited by new information resources, or is it just another annoying thing to remember?]

Achieve-IT! – 32 Disciplines & Psychological Stunts That Bring Optimism, Upgrade Visualization Skills and Make You Unstoppable

[If nothing on this list helps to motivate you more, I don’t know what will!]

Dumb Little Man – Keep Your Day Super Productive

[The article may begin, “As a freelancer, entrepreneur, or everyday office worker…”, but the tips here are totally relevant to students too.  Schedule time for social networking, limit your e-mail, plan your day…it’s all there.]

Education Guardian – How to be a student: The art of writing an essay

[Another of the Guardian’s ‘How to be a student’ column.  Lots of good, punchy advice here.  Even if you’ve heard it all before, it’s a good one to keep hold of so you can remind yourself each time you sit down to work on your essays.  Print it out, tack it up, use it!]

UPDATE: In all the fuss of the THE articles, I forgot one of the EduLinks I had noted.  Silly me.  Here it is:

Study Hacks – How to Edit Your Paper in Three Passes or Less

[Yes, I could wait until the next lot of EduLinks, but I don’t like to deprive you lot.  And if you’ve never edited your essays without asking the question, “Am I completely insane!?” you really need to read this and change your ways.  Quickly, before it’s too late!]