Best of TheUniversityBlog 2007 – Fifteen Top Posts

We’ve now arrived at the end of 2007.  But we’re nowhere near the end of the Academic Year.  So it’s time for a roundup of the best feature posts since TheUniversityBlog started in September.

New year - photo by djayo

Before I let you loose on the links, I’ve already started to work on my Blogging Goals for 2008.  Last night, I sat down for an hour and belted out 24 post ideas and ended up with 1500 words, so that’s a good start on all the ideas.  During the Christmas break, I may well be feasting on turkey and quaffing the finest ports and single malts, but I’ll also turn some of these ideas into finished posts.

As for now, please enjoy (in chronological order) some of the previous posts you may have missed.  The posting begins again on January 4 2008.

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a stonkingly good New Year.  Don’t be too decadent…oh, go on then, just this once!

TheUniversityBlog – Top 15 posts of 2007

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New Year Image 2 - photo by barrym67