What I didn’t do – The benefit of planning in advance

It’s been a rather unfortunate time for me.  After overcoming one illness, it all goes wrong again and I get food poisoning.  I couldn’t even get out of bed, so my apologies again.

And there’s been even more going on too.  Such as:

  • Health issues (as above)
  • Family issues (good ones, fortunately)
  • Legal issues (boo, hiss!)
  • Transport issues (technology…d’oh!)

Rather annoying for it to all happen at once.  If it wasn’t for the unscheduled illnesses, everything would have been covered.  But when you’re totally stalled for 6 days in the space of two weeks, there’s a sudden need to play catch up.

To be honest, I’m surprised I’ve caught up pretty well so far.  The blog, however, has again suffered.

Considering one of the main tips I’d give anyone (not just students) would be to PLAN IN ADVANCE, I certainly haven’t done much of that with this blog.  It’s no good having a load of post ideas and semi-finished posts, because they only help lazier days and multiple writing sessions.  It does nothing to help if everything comes to a halt like it did for me, despiet the computer only being a few steps away.  I’m disappointed in that.

Therefore, I will do better and don’t want this kind of thing to happen again.  In the past, I’ve read these kind of suggestions from professional bloggers:

  1. Have emergency posts ready for publication (not half-written or ‘nearly there’, like mine are) in case of illness, holiday, etc.
  2. Ask others to write a guest post or two on the site while you’re away (not really possible with a sudden illness though!).
  3. Don’t ignore shorter posts if they still make an impact.  It’s the standard ‘quality over quantity’ advice.
  4. Keep readers informed. [Note: I have tried to do this, honest!]
  5. Develop a covering plan for longer-term issues.  If the outage is known in advance, it’s much easier to let it happen (though still not the best idea when you can set automatic posts and have the guest posts, as mentioned above).

So I aim to get back to normal again and, by the New Year, I want to be pushing forward without the need for large gaps with no posts.  The odd missing post can be forgiven, but not all these days without update.

And while I’m always shouting about organisation in your study, I need to tell myself about organisation in my future posting.  I managed to get essays written when I was ill or bogged down with a busy schedule, so I shouldn’t have any excuse when it comes to TheUniversityBlog!  I wouldn’t have got reasonable marks (I wouldn’t have even passed) if I was handing in half-written essays.

Feel free to tell me off.  Although I’d welcome encouraging waves a lot more…


  1. Must be something going around as I’ve been sick too and not been able to post. Planning in advance is good, and I have a few half completed posts in a file, but just haven’t had the energy to complete them. We all get sick throughout the year and others understand that. My subscriber count went up (strangely), how about you?

  2. Yes, I’m getting a lot of visitors to the site. Since my first illness, a lot of people have been coming over from StumbleUpon. It doesn’t make me feel any better about the lack of posts, though.

    But you’re right, we all get unexpectedly ill from time to time. While it was annoying to be ill twice in quick succession, it’s just one of those things.

    I’ve also had to catch up on reading all the blogs I subscribe to myself. Quite a task after even just a few days!

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