EduLinks – Talking, Persisting, Flaming, Aging

When I was ill, the EduLinks took a bit of a setback, because I wasn’t spending much time at the computer, reading and checking out the goodness out there. I’m better now, but have had lots to catch up with, so here are 10 links, with a little less of my commentary than usual. Still good links though!

1. Science Daily – Ten Minutes of Talking Improves Memory and Test Performance

[It’s good to talk. Headline says it all, really.]

2. Mirror – Weird and wonderful foreign phrases…that just don’t translate

[I’m sure you’ll find some of these words and phrases interesting. You won’t be able to make much use of them all, but it’ll raise an eyebrow at times.]

3. FT – Why Dad’s not as clever as you

[The story of intelligence…”If, by present-day norms, the average IQ score in 1900 was between 50 and 70, are we to accept that most of our ancestors were, literally, mentally retarded?”]

4. Guardian – How to be a student: The art of keeping parents happy

[Be good to your parents. On the flipside of it probably being your first time living away from the parental home, it’ll be the first (and quite possibly ONLY) time your parents will be losing you. A little bit of communication can help them feel a lot better about you being miles away.]

5. Ririan Project – Are These Mental Roadblocks Sabotaging Your Success?

[That’s right, it’s not just other people who are causing you problems. Time to improve the person staring at you in the mirror.]

6. Life Optimizer – 7 Sure-Fire Ways to Develop Persistence

[Another great article from Donald Latumahina. Keep things up the way he suggests and you’ll be able to get a stunning degree pass and be on the road to all sorts of great things. It’s not always easy, but with hardcore persistence, why would you care about that?]

7. New Scientist Technology Blog – Don’t flame me, bro’

[Looking into the psychology of online behaviour. A good article here, and one that must be of interest to most of us, because the internet isn’t going away. It really has changed the way we all do things. And our reactions!]

8. – Becoming Self-Taught

[Since university has a big self-taught element to it, this post should keep you pointed in the right direction. In fact, the author (Dustin Wax) ends by explaining how “even formal education is a form of self-guided learning”, so don’t shy away from this advice.]

9. Wired – The Why-You-Get-Old Chart


10. Alex Shalman – Overcoming the Biggest Roadblock in Life Design

[Can’t decide on something? Don’t know what choice to make, no matter how big or small? If so, check out the link and get that focus sorted.]