EduLinks – Random Links of Note – Lessons in making a vote for me video [A bit of help for, say, those people who are standing for student elections.  Want a video to help you win?  Want a video to help you win in style?  Get some tips from here.]

Online Education Database – Hacking Knowledge: 77 Ways to Learn Faster, Deeper, and Better [All sorts of advice to take you further in your life of study.]

Pathway to Happiness – How the Mind Affects Your Happiness [Lengthy article that explains some of the reasons behind your feelings]

Financial Times ( – The joy of fresh stationery, gossip and lattes with lids [Is it true that the only reliable pleasures in life are the small ones?]

PickTheBrain – 7 Ways to Overcome the Fear of Failure [Don’t let anything hold you back!]

Time – You Are Not My Friend [Now you have Facebook, you can be friends with that bloke you walked past once whose t-shirt you quite liked…]

BBC Click – The facts behind big screen hacks [So many movies show all sorts people performing elaborate hacks on computer systems.  It could be your webcam, or it could be the Pentagon.  But is this strictly realistic?  Not really.  To an extent maybe, but nowhere near the way in which they are currently being portrayed.]

BBC News Magazine – The Value of Free [Free downloads, free DVD covermounts, brand new Prince album for free, free this, free that… Yes, we’re used to grabbing all sorts of things for nothing.  If we like something, we’ll keep it and cherish it, no matter how much it cost.  Can you really put a value on that?]